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 Currency in the Five Worlds

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Currency in the Five Worlds Empty
PostSubject: Currency in the Five Worlds   Currency in the Five Worlds EmptyTue Oct 08, 2013 1:15 am

(While I don’t believe it needs saying, I'll say it anyway: there is in fact a limit to how much money your character can have on their person. The money pouch they bring along with them can only be big enough to carry a maximum of anywhere between 30-40 coins. To carry more, you will need a strongbox. For a strongbox, keep it hidden in the saddlebags of your horse or in your house)

Because of the different nations, there are different forms of currency. As an example, money in the Fortes kingdom, will have either little or no value to the Sidhe, and vice versa.

Another thing to consider is the age of the currency being used. Say you've just raided a human tomb or discovered a lost treasure, and collected a large number of gold coins that were once used by ancient humans. The problem is, those coins cannot be used in the modern setting, since new coins have been reissued since then. You are now faced with two options; you can either take the coins to a royal mint, the only places allowed by the crown to create coins for use as currency and have the old coins melted down and remade into new versions, where in the process you pay a fee for the service coupled with a tax, or you try and find an illegal forger to do the same work, for smaller fee, but less tax. The problem with the latter is that forgers that can make passable replicas are rare to find.

Fortes: The Fortes kingdom uses coins, gold and silver. Gold Drakes and Silver Griffons. Every twenty five Griffons is equal to one Drake.

Shenlong: The Shenlong Dynasty uses gold pieces that appear as triangular bars. Gold Dragon fangs and Silver Drake claws. The ratio of silver to gold is one gold piece for every fifty silver pieces.

Aquarius: With the Merfolk, their form of currency comes in the form of Gold and Silver pearls, the metals shaped into spheres as large as a quarter. However, the really valuable form of currency, is a natural pearl, known as True Pearls. They are considered very rare and valuable, and so the ratio is as follows: every twenty silver pearls is one gold sphere, and every thirty gold spheres is equal to one true pearl.

Sidhe: The Sidhe don't use coins, but they do create leaves of gold and silver. The most common type of leaf is a maple leaf. For every thirty silver leaves, there is one gold leaf.

Golems: The stone empire, despite being made of stone, does in fact have a currency system. However, they don't use gold or silver. They use gemstones. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds are the main part of their currency, with the ranking in value being as previously mentioned.

Lupine: They are the only race that does not use a form of currency, instead working on a barter system, using valuable goods or supplies to trade for something else. In most cases though, that system is reserved for outsiders wishing to trade with a pack. Members of the pack though, are free to take what they wish, however it must only be in a quantity they need without hoarding, and at times only what their role in the pack allows them, such as weaponry.
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Currency in the Five Worlds
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