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 Religion and Culture among the Five

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Religion and Culture among the Five Empty
PostSubject: Religion and Culture among the Five   Religion and Culture among the Five EmptyTue Oct 08, 2013 2:23 pm

Humans have a small grouping of gods, each one devoted to a different part of either their daily life or to a part of the world. It is believed that the gods were once at war with the dragons, and that mankind were the footsoldiers of the gods. The Basilisks are believed to be their counterparts, in a war that ended long before recorded history.

The king of the gods is Arator (Air-uh-tor), who wears and wields crystalline armor and a matching sword. He is viewed as a mighty warrior and leader, and is the patron god of warriors.

Ma'ila (Mah-e-lah) is the goddess of mankind, and wife to Bellator. She is believed to have spawned all of mankind and is the patron god of mothers,

Veneficus (Ven-eh-fick-us) is the god of magic, and is believed to be the one whom gifted humans with magic. Some believe that the gates are his instruments, built by him as a gift to mankind meant to aid them in their growth.

Messis (Meh-sis) is the goddess of the harvest, and out of all gods is the one prayed to the most often. Farmers often leave her offerings in hopes of a good harvest. In addition to being the god of harvest, she is also believed to be the goddess of potions, and is worshiped by potion makers.

Basilisks view dragons as living gods and thus their pantheon is made up of dragons. The largest, most powerful dragons are considered the dominant in the pantheon, and have even had the cities of Ignis named after them.

Shenlong, the elder dragon of Ignis, is the chief deity for the Basilisks society. They have even gone as far as to name their dynasty after him. He represents power, strength, and dominance.

Nar' Rexxus is the dragon god of deceit, cunning, and wealth.

Hyaran is the dragon god of violence, warfare, and to some, cruelty.

The Sidhe do not have any gods or religion, however the closest one could get would be their relationship with the Ancients. While they acknowledge the Ancients as beings that were no doubt incredibly powerful, the fact that they are all gone shows to the Sidhe that they are not gods.

The Merfolk are a little bit like the Sidhe, and a little like the Basilisks. To them a Leviathan is the most powerful thing in all of Aqua, and thus they respect and offer to tribute to it. However, the tribute is a means of keeping the monsters away from their cities, not true worship.

The Lupine have one god, the goddess Larentia. To them Larentia was a great wolf spirit, who desired children who were as fast and strong as a wolf, but as smart and powerful as man. One day she took the form of a beautiful women and seduced a great warrior from the growing human kingdoms. After a night of passion, she left the warrior, bearing many children, the first of the Lupine. In time, they grew and spread into what they are now, the Lupine. In Lupine culture, the names of each of the first children are the names of the tribes, and they are also viewed as the spiritual protectors of the tribe. Larentia is the mother of their race and protector of them all, but her children for whom each tribe is named are the defenders of the tribes.

Golems are like the Sidhe. They have no gods, believing that the while yes, the Ancients did create them, they were not truly gods. Instead, they view the Ancients as an incredibly powerful race who created them, and gave them free will. But they do not attach any religious significance or god like abilities to them.
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Religion and Culture among the Five
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