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 Website Rules

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PostSubject: Website Rules   Website Rules EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 2:28 am

Now, for those that have transferred from the Halo Roleplay Forum, the rules here are basically the same as they are there. However, both to save the trouble of going back and forth between sites, and for the sake of new members, here are the rules as follows:

1) Three Strike Rule: A three strike rule will be in place from now on. In the chatbox, you will be warned by either the Administrator or the Chatbox Moderator first, then kicked and then banned. If you get three bans from the chatbox, you will be banned from it permanently.

If a user asks you nicely to change your post or to explain it to them and you do not then that will result in a strike on that RP. Three strikes on an RP will lead to a ban from that RP. Three RP bans will lead to permanent expulsion from the site.

2) Offensive Language: Use of curse words is not forbidden, however use of offensive names, such as (please forgive the inclusion of these) Nigger, Kike, Cunt, Dike, Faggot, etc. will not be tolerated, nor will their use in an offensive statement aimed at a member of the site. Use of any will result in a strike.

3) Offensive Pictures/Videos: Now, it is already covered in Forumotion Rules that any form of pornographic imagery, be they pictures or videos found on a site will result in that same sites deletion, but it's being stated again here, with some minor expansion. Posting a picture/video of any form of either pornographic or vulgar content, either on a Forum itself or on the Chatbox, will result in either the immediate removal (deletion) of said content from that Forum, or the clearing of the Chatbox. The user who violates the rule of posting the offensive content, will receive a strike.

4) User Names: While you have free reign to use whatever username you want on the site (short of a name that is already in use) we ask that your username not contain any offensive words or terms. If you want to call yourself "Bucket," that's fine, but "Cum Bucket," will result in an immediate request for a name change. Failure to comply will result in a strike.

5) Spam: If in the event you find an interesting youtube video, news article, etc, you are free to share the link to the webpage on the chat or in an appropriate Forum so long as it does not conflict with the second rule. However with the chat box, posting the link so often that there are more links than there are actual words will be counted as spam. With a Forum, one post with the link is more than enough; anything beyond the one post will be counted as spam.

If you are asked to stop spamming and you refuse, it will be a strike against you.
(Further more, this is not limited to one person. If multiple people are posting the same link, it will be considered spam and dealt with as detailed above)

6) Sharing of Private Information: Sharing information disclosed to you by others in Private Messages without their permission will lead to a ban from the PM system for a short while. Three of these bans will result in a permanent ban.

7) If a user finds something another user says, posts, or does as either offensive or insensitive, then the user is obligated to politley (Saying Please is a Requirement) ask the offending user to stop, change subjects, or apologize. The offending user must then oblige the user that asked them to stop, or proper action will be taken (i.e. warning, kick, ban)

Please note that on the topic of "does," trying to use this rule to ask an Administrator or Moderator to stop doing their job will not work, as in this particular area they are exempt. They are still subject being told to stop if saying or posting something offensive.
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Website Rules
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