A fantasy roleplay based around an original idea.
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 Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyFri Nov 15, 2013 4:32 pm

Name: Nicolas Waterwood, Of The Cursed Isle of Exiles
• Beyond Raging Waves
• Young/Elder Pisces
• Black Rain
•  Storyteller
• Sea Monkey
Race: Human
• Gypsy
Class: Mage (15+ years continual training)
Magic: Universalis Aquae
• Manipulation, illusion, mind games,
•Soft Shields: See “Soft styles of martial arts” the principal is the same.
Spell word list:
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 21*
Appearance: Thin, slightly muscled from swimming often, blue eyes, close cut hair, light brown in appearance, medium height
Equipment: Simple handspun robes and leather boots.  A dagger made of a dense coral.  A simple wooden staff made of driftwood. 
Talisman of Veiling:
Money: none
Skills: Picking apart spells before they hit him. He defends himself with a shield that doesn’t block the force of a spell head on, but diverts it so slightly that it takes little effort and only misses him by a foot or two. Nicolas has always felt a pull towards the element of water. As such his Watery spell casting is much more fluid and he finds it easier to understand it’s flow in living things and it’s cycles through nature.

Born to a band of gypsies on an island in Aqua. Nicolas grew up to be tamed by the rocking of the seas and the oceans waves. His  mother was a kind woman with an affinity for fortune telling and his father was a knave and a pirate, he was more often than not out at sea looting ships with his mates aboard the Leviathans’ Tear. Nicolas was born with an inborn talent for magic. He has been practicing it since he was old enough to walk, and to him, magic is as natural as walking. Everyday he pushes himself to the limit, until he’s too weak to stand, or move.  He’s a devout practitioner of magic, and always looks for tomes or scrolls that reveal more about magic, always increasing his knowledge and ability.
Nicolas’ grandmother, who lived on the island, was a kind grand matronly figure whom he grew close to, closer than his own mother. Since the age he was learning to walk to the age he began to go through puberty, he was close with his grandmother. She died while he was away on a small islet that was mostly barren rock, practicing magic. He wouldn’t learn of her death for over a fortnight. His teacher, one of the Merfolk, knew about her death the very day she died. However, the Merman thought of her death as a crucible for Nicolas, a test of strength, of resolve. However, the Mer did not expect Nicolas to sink into a depression as he did, losing much of his motivation to learning magic. The psychic impact of his grandmother's death was far greater than he had thought it would. However it also triggered an anger within Nicolas, that earned him the name, as given to him by his Mer teacher, Beyond-Raging-Waves. Which is fitting, since the Merman himself is called Tempestus. However, as Nicolas spent more and more time alone, he was able to come to terms with and accept his grandmothers’ death.
Nicolas is pensive and analytical he may venture deep into thought, and appear aloof or distant. He’s fully capable of learning things through observation that others’ wouldn’t.

*Nicolas of Waterwood, is a Cursed Man. The Isle of Exiles he lived on is a Cursed Isle. The People there are twisted by evil magic, and all things that He sees in the isle, or around the Isle, or not happening the way he sees them. The realiy of the events that he sees, are that he is causing them or it is by the work of an Evil Spirit from the Isle of Exiles. The boat he rides in from the Isle of Exiles to Amethyst is full of pirates, unknown to the Fortes Empire or the Aquarius Empire. These pirates, as they land in Fortes, are all dead. As when the rain falls down heavy, Black Rain falls with it, and Nicolas Waterwood taps into the black magic he knows, and murders people.* 

World Walker:
I’ve traversed the planes
experienced many pains

Lucian Blackclaw:
Name: Lucian Blackclaw
Race: Lupine
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Age:  4(25?)
Appearance: 6’4” with a human face:Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Screen10
Equipment: Leather/iron cuirass, iron great-sword, leather bracers (for shins and forearms

Skills: two-handed greatsword /npc warrior skills

Relationship with Nicolas: [Updating]

Aqua melodies: 

Melody of Aqua:
Mr. Nagano's foolish proposal:

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyTue Nov 19, 2013 1:28 am


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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 1:35 am

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 12:47 pm

Mental magic, or Psychomancy is, as the name implies, the use of magic on the mind of another living being. A wizard would invade the mind of another being and, if successful in crushing the subjects will, would be free to do what they pleased with the mind. They could enslave the mind to their will, forcing them to do whatever they wished, even think whatever they wished. Or they could drive them utterly mad, sending all sorts of images and sensations into their mind. Unlike necromancy, the use of any form of mind magic on a sapient being is considered illegal, punishable by death.

There is finally, one last, more abominatable method of controlling someone. Use of water magic, to manipulate the bodily fluids in a subject. You do not control the person per se, as they still have total control of their thoughts. You simply control every part of the body that contains water. And it can go far beyond simple control of a body; it can be used for somewhat grisly forms of torture, executions. Drain all the water out of a target and reduce them to a withered husk, or crush all internal organs. Even make the body explode. However, this type of magic also has some medical benefits. A skilled water mage can manipulate their bodily fluids, like blood, to slow or even halt the flow of blood around a wound, and keep themselves from bleeding out in the event of an injury. It can also be used to heal.
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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 1:09 am

Divine associations with Pisces include
Vishnu, Aphrodite, Eros, Typhon, Poseidon, and Christ.

chinese associations:
Black, Grey and Blue colours also represent Water.
association:north, winter, planet mercury, the color black, night, and the black tortoise, the moon
Greek associations: the feminine, the brain, western point of the compass, cold and wet, and the moon
astrological:Water personalities tend to be emotional, deep, nurturing, sympathetic, empathetic, imaginative and intuitive; however, they can also be cold, moody, sentimental, sensitive, escapistic, irrational and jealous.
Ceremonial magic: elemental weapon: the cup. The archangel of water is Gabriel, the angel is Taliahad, the ruler is Tharsis, the king is Nichsa and the water Elementals are called Ondines.

Ondines are water spirits from the works of Paracelsus
Ondine comes from latin, Undines, which comes from Unda meaning Waves (as in waves of the sea)

Sub groupingWater spirit
Similar creaturesMermaid
HabitatAny body of water
Poseidon - god of the sea - earthquakes -water relation
Christ (Jesus of Nazereth)- Son of God - healing - "fisher of men"
Typhon- father of all monsters
Aphrodite - goddess of beauty, fertility, and sexual love
Eros- god of love - sexual love or desire (literally translates from latin and greek to mean Sexual love)
Vishnu- supreme god of vaishnavism - too many things to count

Piscean traits:
Perceptive, emotional, receptive, highly sensitive, afraid of ridicule, mutable (receptive, susceptible to change), dreamy, mystical, artistic, seeking enilghtnenment in "the unseen realm", Quiet, good workers, never quite satisfied when sitting, preferring to stand or walk.Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic, On the dark side...Escapist and idealisti, Secretive and vague, Weak-willed and easily led, Pisceans: gentle, patient, malleable, friendly, good natured, kind, compassionate, sensitive, sympathetic, tact, easygoing, affectionate, submissive, accepting, adaptable, concerned with others more than self. Versatile, artistic, rebellious against the establishment (when they have energy, withdrawn, creative, dislike confinement, intuitive, quick understanding, observant, listen well, mediumismic, great instinct for beauty in nature and art, a catlike appreciation to luxury and pleasure, and yearning for new sensations/travel, easily misled, intensely loyal, home-loving, faithful

Monkey traits: 
Intelligent, dignified, optimistic, romantic, sociable, quick-witted, confident, agile, motivator, gregarious
Egotistical, vain, arrogant, selfish, deceptive, reckless, snobbish, stubborn, suspicious, manipulative, restless
Mutable sign: A sign that can be adjustable, understanding, analyser, extrovert. The sign that comes under the mutable section can be associated with the positive qualities as it can act on any sides of Cardinal as well as the Fixed signs

Neptune with creativity, idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion, and deception. Neptune governs hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, and any other place, such as a monastery, that involves a retreat from society

water -
Emotion; empathy; sensitivity

  • Metal: The metal person is sincere, has fixed values and opinions, is strong of will, and has eloquence of speech. The direction associated with Metal is West. The season for Metal is Autumn. It is the fixed element for the animal signsMonkey andRooster.

  • Water: The water person is persuasive, intuitive, and empathetic. The water person is objective and often sought out for their counsel. The direction associated with water is North. The season for Water is Winter. 

金 Metal

  • The West(西)
  • Autumn(秋)
  • White Tiger (chinese constellation(白虎)
  • The Planet Venus(金星)
  • The ColorWhite(白)

  • 水 Water

    • The North (北)
    • Winter, Autumn
    • Black Tortoise (玄武)
    • The Planet Mercury(水星)
    • The ColorBlack, Blue(黑)
    • Skeletal 骨

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyMon Nov 25, 2013 11:22 pm

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyTue Nov 26, 2013 11:45 pm

Name: *
• Chareleigh
• Charlegha
• Charleia
• Azura
• Azula
Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Faction: Blades of Valor

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: She has blonde hair that is often in disarray, as she wears a helmet, or hood, or tucked in an unruly bun. She has fierce green eyes that shows the warrior in her heart, and her conviction to the fight. She stands at 6'0" and has small breasts (B-cup). She has very visible muscle, she'd intimidate many men. She has more braun than brains, but she knows how to kill monsters and survive, as well as take care of her armor. Her appearance is nothing if not startling, very few women (humans, lupine) in Elementum have the sheer amount of raw strength born of muscle she has.

another visage:
Art by Gen-12 on deviant-art
Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Warrio10

Equipment: Complete set of steel armor, with common clothes that resemble a mans (they may very well be mens' clothes.) She has a long-sword, a short-sword, a bow ( kept unstrung so that the bow keeps its strength.) few arrows, a pack ( to keep many other items.) many emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, and 3 diamonds, some gold drakes and silver griffons, some golden fangs and silver drake claws, gold leaves and silver leaves, a True pearl and some gold and silver pearls. Some vials...

Skills: *NPC Warrior

History/Relationship to Nicolas: A lost soul who has travelled from Aeris to Fortes, to Ignis, to Aqua, and to Elementorum. She's a Blade of Valor and not to be taken lightly. She's fought Salamanders, Dragons, Sea Serpents, Trolls, and various other dangerous creatures. She believes it is her duty to protect the citizens of Elementum from monsters and the evils that go bump in the night, or scream in the night. She has a conviction that should frighten any criminal or person into steering away from her, for she deals harsh justice when the life of a civilian is threatened. 

"Where was I born? A small town in Terra, secluded, nearest place was days or weeks away, it didn't matter much, we didn't see many traders, I don't think many knew we existed."

"Why do you want to know more about me?" - "Well, I grew up in Terra, I told you that, I was never into girly things like pretty dresses, or getting married and having children, or jewelry. I was always playing with the boys, getting into scuffles, getting dirty, scraping my legs and arms, Or I was watching the blacksmith make weapons, or armor, or tools our town needed. Anyway, we should move on."

other images:
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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyTue Dec 03, 2013 9:00 pm

Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Northe10
Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Bobcat11
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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptySat Jan 18, 2014 4:31 pm

[Masterson - son of Master]
[Brady/Mac Brádaigh - spirited]
[Zorn - "Wrath"]
[Heun - giant]
[Oehlberg - "Mount Olivet"]
[Kruger - Tavern-keeper]
Family names:
Nicholas - victory of the people, the people's conqueror, victorious army, victorious people
James - being held by the heel, one who holds back another
Matthias - gift of God, gift of the Lord, gift of Jehovah, Jehovah's gift

Masterson - Brady
Brady - Zorn
Zorn - Hoin
Hoin - Oehlberg
Oehlberg - Kruger


Family Histories:

Masterson: A Noble family of ancient bearings. They ruled over a territory on the old island of Norte Anglorum.

Brady/Mac Brádaigh: Nobles of the island of Hibernia. They ruled over no territory, but they were well respected by the other noble families. From Elementorum

Zorn: A prominent family in Teutania, Elementorum

Heun: A lower class family of taller than average people.

Oehlberg: Religious affiliates who lived by Mount Olivet. They were Teutonics who lived in the far away region of

Kruger: A lower class family who owned and ran many Taverns in the area of Teutania.


Bastard: Nikolaus is a bastard child of

Name: [Unchosen] Nikolaus the ,,,,,

• Aetherius
• Galerius
• Oeulius
• Oramus
• Oramior
• Oramor
• Opslatens
• Oremus
Race: Human, Piscean/Monkey/Fox/G.Whale (Western/Eastern/Canadian (tribe)/Native)
Class: Mage
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Magic: Universalis Aquae, Primordius Aquus
Magic skills: Psychomancy: Illusions, mind games; Telekinesis; Soft Shields (see "soft styles of martial arts", the principal is the same.);
Appearance: Short dark blonde/light brown hair, usually combed to one side, but usually sticking up a bit. Blue eyes, that hold the power and will of water, the hold cunning and wit, they also reveal that the soul behind is much older than the body. A face that is charms others without words, and appears attractive to the opposite sex. He often goes without shaving, leaving just enough stubble on his face to tell you he's a man and not a boy. He has a thin frame, but a not weak one, muscle lies beneath the skin, and is easily visible to others. He looks capable of many physical feats.

Money: 20 Gold Drakes.

Skills: Athletics, Un-armed combat [Expert], short sword combat [apprentice], pole-arm combat [Practictioner], Reading ancient texts, deciphering riddles, decrypting ancient mysteries, Problem solving.

Personally, he is dominantly introverted. When he lived with his mother, he spent much of his time alone, in his room, with his collection of rare tomes, scrolls, grimoires, and educational material provided by the Mer known as Tempestus. Most of his studies were conducted while he was alone, writing much about what he learned from the tomes, and perfecting much of his magic through self made magical constructs that focused more on precision and accuracy than power. His studiousness backed by his almost religious devotion to learning about the unknown and the mysteries of life. His teacher, Tempestus, often said to his [•Characters] mother, that he was one of the finest searcher and seeker of truths.

Tempestus trained him in magic, and found that not only was did he pick up magickal theory quickly, he could put it to use. The inventive and clever mind before him challenged Tempestus in ways that the old teacher had not been challenged before. Starting with precision and accuracy as well as more mental tasks to keep the youth intellectually stimulated enough to continue his training. For every problem Tempestus made for the young man, he would would try at it, no matter how long it took, until he succeeded at the task. He would apply all of what he learned about magic, and then venture into the unknown for answers, trying to come up with creative, or unusual solutions. Tempestus also learned that he was patient, not growing upset when he could not figure out the task at hand, but rather, retreated to seclusion, where he would meditate on the puzzle, problem, or task that Tempestus had challenged him with.

The young man had many talents, strange for someone who always seemed to have his nose in a book, but he was an adept runner, a great underwater swimmer for a human, he knew how to cook, clean and attend to injuries without magic, alchemy, herbalism, art, Martial arts of both the empty hands and handed varieties, and writing poetry. Tempestus almost enjoyed teaching the human. He also learned the boy was great with money, the usage of such, investments, accounting of, and making. He was also very spiritual.

Whenever the topic of religion came up in scholarly meetings that Tempestus invited him to, Tempestus would learn that the young man held deep spiritual beliefs that did not coincide with other humans, even his mother. He did not believe in the Pantheon of gods, but rather of a Oneness, the All, and he did not insults or attempt to dissuade the other scholars there of their beliefs. The young man held a compelling sense of his self as a spiritual being. He considered magic to be more of a way of using the energy of the universe we live in as opposed to some other-worldy force, magic, to him, was more of a universal thing that was in everything, and that lacked magic, innately, were made without it, absorbed it, like a leech absorbs blood from its host. IT was simply a process of going from something that has more, to something that has less, to reach an equilibrium. Now this was long before he ever learned of leech crystals, and in a way, Tempestus thought he was right. Tempestus, related it to the creation of golems, or of Homunculi, they were magickless being before given magic for them to function, to be.

Tempestus tried to be careful, however, and not stoke the fire within the young man with compliments, he wanted his student to know he was brilliant, but not so far as to give him an ego of it. However, he could not stem the compliments from those who knew him. However, the young became humble in the presence of some, and more self centered, and egotistic, in the presence of others, namely those whom did not know him, he sought to show of his cleverness, and his intellect, despite himself knowing that this was both wrong and self destructive.

In his wisdom, Tempestus sought to help the young man grow out of his self destructive tendency, and introduce him to psychomancy. The young man would catch Tempestus unawares, in that he himself already knew quite a bit about psychomancy, as he would use psychomancy to analyze himself, and his own actions so that he could grow as person. Tempestus set up a test, a challenge, and the way around it, was to use psychomancy, to learn the location of some treasure or hidden secret, without the affected person knowing and without damaging the persons psyche in the process. The young man thought and concluded that this was impossible, if the person was awake. As the conscious would feel the psychomantic magic and know something was wrong, even if they could not place it, however if the person was sleeping, they would not be aware, even if the psychomancy affected their dreams as it would dismissed as fantasy.

Even though he used this argument, he did not agree with it, saying afterwards that dreams are often psychically influenced by fate, or personal development, and that no matter what, using psychomancy changes the person that is being effected by it and there was no way around it. The young man entered the dream of the chosen person, and easily discovered the location of the secret, and the next day he found the treasure in an underground grotto near an old, and ruined, Mer city.

In magic, Tempestus discovered that the young lad was a bit of an escapist, he created illusions quite well, often in the form of how he imagined scenes in a story would go. In these illusions, he would also make the emotions in the hero, or people in the scene, so real, that the lines between fantasy and reality seemed blurred to almost nonexistent.

The young man seemed to be increasingly resourceful. Naturally well equipped to magic. He was also very social, in a contradictory way, he would freely offfer help, and freely give it to those who asked, giving himself to the people. He was a social servant, however, after helping someone, he would retire to seclusion, to self-nurture and relax. He was very fond of poetry, and to Tempestus, this revealed a very sensitive side. Paradoxically, this perseverant young man would sometimes be plagued with depression, and when this happened, he would have no motivation to complete the work he wants to complete, as everything would seem pointless to him.

So all in all, he was quite enigmatic.

As to more biographical knowledge, the young man hailed from near the Aeris Gate where the land was cold, but not near enough that all he knew was ice, but that the island, the archipelago, was far enough away, that it was effected by the cold, it snowed in the winters, and rained frequently as the wind brought cold fronts over the island often, also bringing much rain.  the land bridges between each of the isles were miles across, where it was only about a foot and a half deep. so traveling between these isles was easy, and could be done by horse and cart. The human settlement on the archipelago housed a few thousand people, many merchants, guards, nobles, and more upper class citizens lived in the city, whereas the farmers, the men who worked the land, raised the goats for milk and meat, and general servants of the people who made it possible for those to live in comfort.

Then his mother moved from this place, bringing him with, to the far the furthest place she could possibly go and still remain in Aqua. The grouping large islands near the Terran Gate is where they wound up. The island was large, and parts of it were so barren, it did not even look like Aqua. This is where he would grow up. However, this is also where he was discovered my Tempestus, a Mer of high ranking in the Aquarius empire.

the young boy, blessed and cursed with an excellent memory, remembers all of the happy times from his home, and all of the sad. Without friends in this new place his young mind gave into the sadness, and grew silently. Over time he would have few friends that would come and go, but there was always the underlying depression in him. It was what he knew best, and his actions would be influenced by it, without realizing his loneliness was by his own hand, he held every one at distance, so that none would grow too close to his heart. Though inspired by depression, his doings were rooted in his very being. He was, at heart, in body and soul, a sensitive person, and he guarded his emotions as a Dragon guards his hoard. He had few close friends, but none so close as to tell what he was feeling, or his true thoughts.

Though not even he knew.

Since an early age, he was being trained in the use of magic, and when he seven years of age, began attending a school that his Tutor had recommended. Though of course, the young boys' mother did her own research on the matter, wanting to be absolutely sure that her son would be safe when he went to the school.

As many years passed, and the young boy grew into a man, he became well versed in Academia and Magic. He held a strong belief in understand the world, and practiced what he preached, he wrote down his ideas and theories about life and existence and whether or not there is a greater being that created the worlds. He even impressed Tempestus by writing about why the Adamantium gates exited. In his own words:
"The Adamantium gates, gates that lead us to other strange worlds, each seemingly of their own particular element, one of Fire (Ignis), Water (Aqua), Terra (Earth), and Aeris (Air), these are also four classical elements found in the ancient texts, the only things I believe are missing, are Spirit, and the opposing element to Spirit, which I shall refer to as Void. Then there is the gate to Elementorum, which seems to be balanced in these four elements. If Elementorum is the embodiment of the Element of Spirit, which we could speculate to be a balance of the Elements, then certainly there must be a world of Void, which would have to be the imbalance of Elements, or Chaos." This was a radical thought. And the young scholar, though he wrote this, felt that he was missing something, and felt that the purpose of the gates was more sinister than what he let on in his public writings.

[Misc. poorly written material.]
In his younger years, the boy understood all to well the financial struggles of the adult world. His mother, struggled to keep him fed and well nurtured in this new home. His young age made him susceptible to many illnesses, and many environmental hazards. In time, as he grew up around these hazards, he would get sick and his body would grow weak. During these times he ate and slept more than he moved. Over time, his body would grow immune to some of these illnesses, and it would become obvious that his magical ability influenced this.
[/Misc. Poorly written material.]

Equipment: A staff made of strange and dense wood. It would be plain, if not for the runic symbols written so small, that you unless you put your eye right by them, you would mistake them for being naturally part of the wood.


things of note:

Nikolaus is generally disinterested in the lives of the people his own age. It's hard for him to relate to them, but he relates well to the older generations. So he spends most of his time alone. People just don't cut it for him.

It may seem grandiose, and even overly noble, but he naturally gravitates to the intellectual side of life. Inherently understand that knowledge is power, and that wisdom is happiness, and truth is freedom. So, in his pursuit of happiness, these are the things he seeks. These pursuits are more meaningful to him than the social rumors and stories.

Nikolaus is emotional,  and is has a sensitive and spiritual nature. Naturally attracting people as he seems to emit an aura of kindness. He tries to free himself of the confines of the ego, seeking enlightenment and fostering love and peace. It's the wisest, and the most fulfilling use of time.

Everyday, he goes by the Necropolis on Mount Olivet, and there is a skull on the shelf in his room. A daily reminder of his own morrtality, and the mortality of everything and everyone around him. As such he is wary, and often withdrawn, but he wisely dictates the way he lives.

He thinks about everything, in most of his free time. He reflects on his actions and the actions of his others daily. He feels old, as he learns new life lessons every day, through his own thought processes, and posses so much insight into life situations through his ability to quietly and carefully observe what is going on around him.

He doesn't get lost in superficial details, like getting more money, or a bigger house, or better clothes. He looks at life from a birds' eye view, see what is the most wise and meaningful way to approach life. When he's confronted by issues, he see them as temporary and passing pains that increase his knowledge and his joy in the future. This approach to life gives him a placid and stable nature. This does not mean he is immune to the brashness of youth.

He cares nothing about wealth, status, fame, it is boring to him. For him there is no purpose of pursuing things that can easily be taken away from him. He's not materialist, and materials bring little meaning or long lasting fulfillment to him.

As a child, he did not fit the mainstream behaviors. He exhibited odd signs of maturity at a young age, making him a hard kid to be friends with. He was always asking questions about the meaning of things, their purpose, and he was able to understand how things fit together to serve a purpose. His inquisitiveness and intelligence, made him see the purposelessness of many things his teachers, mother, and peers say, and so passively resisted them. Sometimes aggressively resisting. His mother often spoke to him like he was an adult.

He's world weary, experiences mental tiredness, has watchful patience, and has detached calmness. Which is percived by others as being aloof and cold, which is far from the truth.

He's solitary, philosophical, and wise beyond his years. He doesn't see eye to eye with society, wanting nothing of the transience of wealth, material possessions, social statuses, the momentarily fulfilling. There's no point in complicating life with workplace competition, and continuous debt, when life can be lived simply. Money is the root of all evil, after all, so why would he choose to live a life that revolves around it? He prefers to sit back and smell the roses.

Hidden Letter from Tempestus to Aeric: "
Dear Aeric Lightfoot

There is definitely something different about him. The way he uses water magic. He moves like he's done it all before. Even when teaching him how to use magic, it felt like he already knew what to do, and he was being polite about letting me teach him. Even his first techniques, they were old, ancient, from another time in some long forgotten past. It was strange, seeing someone so young using the magic he did. He draws from this inner pool, something within him. His own will power, or maybe even something spiritual, I don't understand it. He's the youngest mage I've seen who can ground magic. He rivals the purer bloodlines.

Should he come work for you, or your friend ser Joseph Horticus, be careful, for all his power, both known and un, he is sensitive. His feelings can be hurt easily, though he will not show it, it may appear in other ways, and he can feel your emotions by looking at you. And don't forget to feed him, He'll disappear into a room for days peering over tomes or artifacts, or stone scriptures and he'll forget to eat. Try and keep him away from women, as well, his heart seems to ache for them, and he gives his love freely to them, and more often than not they will crush his heart. Then you'll have another issue on your hands.

All in good tidings, hope the business is going well and the winds in your favor.

-Tempestus of the Aquarius Empire, The Piscean Court. " 

story ideas
falsely imprisoned, town imprisoned in attack by basilisks
attacked by man with [high level gear] a black [obsidian] mace and obsidian armor

"Look, friend to Ignis I may be, but I am no traitor, never have I betrayed the Aquarius Empire."-

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian EmptyThu Feb 06, 2014 3:47 pm

Characters: wrote:

Jet A womanizing son of  bitch. Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuK6n2Lkza0

Kobraw a rebel in a town without rules.

Unnamed Guard #1: painted in red just like all the others.

unnamed Guard #2: painted in red just like all the others.

Ghost: She has skin that is dark purple with and orangish red hand print on her face. with hair that looks solid and darker purple than the rest of her. She has a nice personality and she has some degrees of power in this world. She will give Nikolaus a quest. And be his ghostly companion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWRsgZuwf_8

numerabo astram - I will be counting the stars
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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian   Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian Empty

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Cursed people of Aqua, following the Primodian
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