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 Character Races and Classes

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Character Races and Classes Empty
PostSubject: Character Races and Classes   Character Races and Classes EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 3:56 pm

In Elementum, there are four playable races: Humans, Lupine, Basilisks, and Sidhe. There are also six classes; three base classes and three combo classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Spellsword, Ranger, and Spellcloak.

Important: For the sake of variety, try to create a character that does not use magic.


Humans: Humans are the most widespread of the six races, with settlements in the worlds of Terra, Aqua, Ignis, and Aeris. Elementorum is the world they hold dominance in, through the ruling Fortes Kingdom. With the exception of magic, in which only a small percentage are actually born with, humans are considered a jack of all trades race, capable of being great warriors or stealthy rogues.

Lupine: A wolf-human race, the Lupine appear as normal humans save for the ears and tail of a wolf, along with larger canines. A tribal race, they live mainly in the wilds of Elementorum, Terra, and the surface of Aeris. They are physically stronger and faster than humans, however they are prone to giving into the animal side of their nature, and on full moons they lose control completely.

Basilisks: The Basilisks are a race of bipedal humanoid lizards, and they stand larger than the average human by a full foot. Much stronger than humans and far more aggressive, they rule the world of Ignis. Despite being the elemental opposite of water, they are fully capable of swimming and breathing underwater.

Sidhe: Sidhe are the only race of sentient beings, with the exception of dragons, that can fly. They appear as humans, save for more elvish features like pointed ears, canted eyes, and finally a set of hummingbird wings, allowing them to fly and hover for roughly twenty to thirty minutes between rest. They rule Aeris from the floating islands.


Warrior: Warriors are those that are purely physical in terms of their means of fighting, and are also the most direct. They use traditional melee weapons and wear armor.

Rogue: Rogues specialize in not being seen, and make for the best assassin's or thieves. Very light on their feet, they are more about skill and finesse than brute strength, though they are still very capable fighters.

Mage: Mages are those born with the ability to use magic. Each Mage is only able to use two elements of magic (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) while a third element, magic itself, is what they are born with that allows them to be a mage in the first place. Commitment to magic results in great power, but little to no skill in actual fighting with weapons.

Spellswords: Combinations of Warriors and Mages, Spellswords are all about utilizing magic focused around combat along with their melee weapons. However, dividing time between studying both magic and weapon combat means that they are masters of neither area.

Rangers: Rangers are the Warrior/Rogue combo, and combine their finesse and fast movements with the strength of a warrior.

Spellcloaks: Finally Spellcloaks are the Rogue/Mage combo, and combine the skills of a thief with the powers of a mage. Much like Spellswords, they can combine the use of magic with their styles of fighting.
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Character Races and Classes
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