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 The Five Worlds and the Adamantium Gates

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The Five Worlds and the Adamantium Gates Empty
PostSubject: The Five Worlds and the Adamantium Gates   The Five Worlds and the Adamantium Gates EmptyTue Oct 01, 2013 1:01 am

In the universe of Elementum, there are five worlds, four based around the classical elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The fifth world represents four elements combined in perfect unity. Each world is connected through the Adamantium Gates, towering constructs that make travel between the worlds possible. An interesting thing to note, is that the regions of each world located near gates leading to another world, exhibit hybrid traits within a 50 kilometer radius. In other words, they appear as combinations of two elements, with the exception of their elemental opposite, and the gates leading to the fifth world.

The Adamantium Gates

Gates is actually a misnomer. Each of the twenty gates do not in fact resemble traditional gates, they simply function the same way. In reality, they appear as a single large three sided pillar when inactive. When in use though, stones break away from between the three corners and float in a circle around the pillars, bringing the gates on both ends to life. When going through there is no beam of light connecting the gates, but there is a bright blue glow that emits from the ground at the feet of the pillars, and that is where travelers walk through. The magic that allows travels between worlds is unknown, attributed to the ancient race. But all races agree that whatever it is or however it works, it is beyond them. Some believe that the gates serve another purpose, though what that is has remained a mystery.

The Five Worlds

Ignis is the world of Fire, and is home to the Basilisks and their Shenlong Dynasty. While not a volcanic planet, there is an abundance of volcanoes, though most of them are dormant or extinct. Others are still active, though recently the frequency of their eruptions has diminished. As a result of their past eruptions though, the areas around them are highly fertile, with a great deal of the areas turned into farmland by the Dynasty. Locations that have not been turned to farmland are dominated by rolling fields of grass, and scattered forests. The climate of Ignis is obviously very hot, with winters very short, and any snowfall is found in the polar regions. There is no known ocean on Ignis, at least within the territory of the Shenlong Dynasty. However, there are a number of lakes, large and small, and all of them teeming with life so most of the cities of towns built near them have a healthy supply of fish in addition to domesticated animals and crops. For the hybrid zones of Ignis, there are Earth/Fire, and Fire/Air.
Earth/Fire is in fact one of the more violent areas, much of the land still geologically active. While there are volcanoes, they are not typical conical or mountain varieties. Instead, they are fissure vents, cracks in the surface where lava boils through. Thankfully, they are space far enough apart that travel is relatively easy, though there are obvious dangers should one wander too far.
Air/Fire is mainly a desert, lots of flat plains, small hills. The ground is still fairly arable, so there is scattered vegetation. There is one large city, and several towns located in this region, and they take advantage of the fertile soil.

Aeris, the world of air is in fact floating chunks of land hovering over the surface, with travel between islands being done through flight. Most times it is done by the dominant race, the Sidhe, whose wings allow them to fly through the skies without aid. More often it is done by the flightless races, such as humans. Humans can get around either by bridges, airships, or domesticated animals. Each island is like a piece of a temperate or tropical forest, with a great deal of rain due to high amounts of clouds that pass through or at least very close to the islands. This allows for large ponds on some of the smaller islands to form, while on the larger islands there can be one lake. This world is dominated by the Sidhe, and their Court. The world is separated into two sections: the actual ground, and the islands that float above. Races like humans and the Lupine live on the surface in the dense forests and plains, while the Sidhe live above on the islands. The hybrid zones for Aeris are Air/Fire and Air/Water.
With Fire, the region takes on a warmer climate, and is a great area to fly in, as the warm air created there helps create enough lift that Sidhe, certain flying creatures, and even airships can fly higher and for much longer.
Water creates a greater number of storms, with a higher amount of rain, and most of these storms tend to be very violent.

Aqua is one giant ocean, filled with islands of varying sizes, though none of them are a true continent. The islands serve as homes for races that cannot breathe underwater;  Merfolk, humanoid beings who are amphibious and incredibly strong though, are the ruling race of Aqua. They do not live on land, instead living in their underwater cities. While there is a dome of magic that protects it from the pressure of the ocean and offers the chance for other races to safely walk through their streets, such moments are rare and none truly live there. . The world of Aqua is also one of the most dangerous, given the ocean dwelling creatures that live within its depths such as the Leviathans. Regions of the known ocean are dangerous to traverse, as there are many dangers such as rough storms, jagged reefs, and even Leviathan feeding grounds. It's hybrid areas are Water/Earth and Water/Air.
The Earth region has the most islands, along with some of the largest. There are still other islands throughout the rest of the world, including "The Path," a loose chain of islands that stretches between gates. But earth has the most densely packed groupings along with some of the largest.
Air creates the most frigid environments in Aqua, and thus in the area near the gate to Air, it is a cold, ice filled region. Most of the islands located there are cold, snow covered spots of land, and during the winter season there is an increase in icebergs and shells of ice on the surface of the water around islands in that region.

Terra is the world of earth, and is mostly canyons, giant mountains, and grassy plains, along with thick forests of massive trees. There is an abundance of ruins and caves, with some of the ruins being former Minotaur forts, others being Human forts. While there is one dominant race for Terra (the Golems) they share the world, quite peacefully, with Humans and Lupine. On the surface, in the forests and grasslands, are the Lupine, a race of wolf like humans that live in tight knit tribes or packs within the forests. Humans have also created large settlements and towns on the surface, and very recently plans have begun for expansions into an actual city. However, the main cities for Terra are underground, constructed and ruled by the Golems. The entrances for these cities can be found in the sides of large mountains or in canyons, with roads connecting these cities spanning the entire known area of Terra. Terra's hybrid zones are Earth/Water, and Earth/Fire.
Fire creates dry deserts filled with canyons and scattered patches of vegetation, and in the southernmost areas there is an endless expanse of sand.
Water creates a dense swamp, with lots of wetlands.

Finally the fifth world, Elementorum, represents the four elements in perfect balance, as attributes of all four are meshed together to form a world in harmony. Here, mankind exists in dominion, though they share the world with other races (mainly tribes of the Lupine, clans of Minotaurs in the wild, and envoy's of the Fae). The Fortes Kingdom, mankind's ruling power, is in control of Elementorum though only the territories they both know of and have tamed. To the west is an expansive mountain range, that stretches from the north and ends at the ocean to the south. The eastern borders are all untamed, unexplored wilderness. Most settlers have journeyed there to lay claim to land, however not many have been successful; much of the area is dominated by Minotaur clans, and other dangerous beasts. To the north is nothing but icy tundras and snow, so travel there is rare as there has yet to be anything worth the effort.
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The Five Worlds and the Adamantium Gates
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