A fantasy roleplay based around an original idea.
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 Jeremy's Other Sci Fi Stuff

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PostSubject: Jeremy's Other Sci Fi Stuff   Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:42 am

Dominion Guard Fleet Carrier Sentinel


Mercenary Vessel Caliburn

Caliburn escort fighter Gawain



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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Other Sci Fi Stuff   Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:49 am


Vyrmakh - Catpeople (retractable claws under fingernails, little fur on backs, heightened senses and night vision). Vyrmakh are solitary creatures, and only care for their litter. It is their way, though they do coexist on their home planet out of mutual respect for the Great Mother, who gave them their home of Vyrline. Their style is more medieval at times, and while some Vyrmakh wear clothing that exposes skin, they keep it extremely modest, ensuring skirts do reach down near the knees, though some prefer them shorter for better maneuverability - this is offset by them wearing some form of shorts underneath instead.
Normal Vyrmakh

El'Lyss - "SPACE HOBBIT/Loli" Race of smaller humanoids who top off at around 4 feet tall. El'Lyss live the longest of all organic races, and are the wisest. The more hotblooded tend to join the Dominion Guard while the more tempered keep to themselves. They reside on the planet Lysselia, where the El'Lyss Council oversees all El'Lyss who decide to remain apart from all conflict. For those who decide to join in with the conflicts of the universe, the El'Lyss set up Overwatch - a loose conclave of El'Lyss tasked with ensuring those with fire in their blood do not bring retribution down upon Lysselia.
Normal El'Lyss (Female)
Normal El'Lyss (Male)

Auriel - A race of beings who can create and manipulate  pure energy, who's beliefs stem that they are the physical manifestations of the Archangel Auriel, whom they name themselves after. Utilizing special armor to keep their bodies intact after heavy self-modification since meeting the living energy known as the Etherium, the Aurielians are the galactic peacekeepers. While few in actual number, even one can instill fear in a heart that does not boast a will of pure iron. 
Normal Auriel

Nephilim - a subset of the Auriel, a Nephilim is created when an Auriel and a Human mate. As the act of removing armor can lead to the death of an Auriel, which adds to why their numbers are low. Special care must be taken, so Auriel tend to be solitary. Human/Auriel hybrids are extremely rare and sought-after, for their latent energykinesis as well as their unique DNA signature.
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Jeremy's Other Sci Fi Stuff
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