A fantasy roleplay based around an original idea.
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PostSubject: CHARACTERS   CHARACTERS EmptySun Oct 06, 2013 3:21 pm

Name: Savathine Merlerm

Race: Sidhe

Class: Spellcloak

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs29/f/2009/251/d/5/d533b7e21cd97c86ce6f900b8fa92274.jpg But with all the features normalized. Earrings are indeed present.

Equipment: Bow, Chakrams, Dagger, Leather armor, Runed-metal bracers and greaves, Arrows and Quiver.

Skills: archery, boomerang spells, moving silently

Spell list:
Phaunt: powerful but shorts gusts of wind along his braces and greaves, potentially deflecting anything coming towards them.
Seint: Vastly increases one of the five major senses for a short-while. Increases heart-rate. Appears to slow down time in the effected's eyes.
Yoant: Activate/deactivate the boomerang spell in his chakrams and dagger.
Weint: Create a controlled gust of wind of varying strength and direction.
Weint-ai: Stronger, but uncontrollable gust of wind in chosen direction. Dissipates after some time has passed.

History: Savathine had always wanted glory, attention, fame. He wanted his name to be the most recognized, the most widely known ever. He entered every contest he could fine, putting on the best of shows he could while shooting arrows or throwing daggers or riding beasts. He never won, but that only made he try harder. He would put on more elaborate attempts; shooting his bow blind, throwing backwards while hovering upside down to perform the most dangerous of aerial dances, using only his feet to tame a beast, etc. Soon, he sought more, more attention not just from the Sidhe. He decided to travel the worlds to look for the greatest challenges, the most marvelous of contests, and so on. He took his bow and his chakrams and hunting gear, and set out upon the five worlds, ready to prove himself to everyone he could meet.
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